GHR Quarterly Archives

The GHR Quarterly evolved as an extension and support to the Responses we had created for disasters and emergencies. It felt right to create ongoing healing intentions throughout the year.

Creating unified intentions helps us connect as labyrinth facilitators and create intentional walks.

Each year a theme is created with a focus for each quarter. The Quarterly GHR is much like a Sunday school lesson with a quote, picture, symbol, color and prayer. There are even ideas for music, ambiance and contributing organization for donations. Of course these are only suggestions or starting points and facilitators are encouraged to add to the materials that are given.

Archives of past GHRQ’s are listed on this website for your use if are looking for a particular theme or focus for a walk.

GH Resources 2015

GH Resources 2014

GH Resources 2013

GH Resources 2012

GH Resources 2011

GH Resources 2010

GH Resources 2009

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