GHR 2021 Q3: Grace/Service

Dear Labyrinth friends,
It’s time for us to put our graceful kindness into action. In fact, I believe that grace in action is service. With Covid restrictions lifting a bit after vaccinations, we all are getting out a bit more. An appropriate community labyrinth walk might be just what our souls need. We might need to sit and listen to each other before or after our walks. We have a lot to share.

2021 Theme: Grace

“Virtue and genuine graces in themselves speak what no words can utter.”-William Shakespeare


Focus:  Service

Quote: “If I’m not showing grace… have I forgotten the grace I have been shown?
–John McArthur

“Grace is not a little prayer you say before you eat. It is a way of life. Eph 2:8,9” ―John Paul Warren

Picture/Symbol: Lend a helping hand.


Infuse your life with action.
Don’t wait for it to happen.
Make it happen.
Make your own future.
Make your own hope.
Make your own love.
And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.
—Bradley Whitford

Ideas for benefiting organization: Volunteer! Wherever your service can be used, pitch in and help… A senior? A single mom? A food pantry? Your neighbor? Keep your eyes open for opportunities to serve with Grace.

Ideas for ambiance: Start the service at your labyrinth. Provide treats and refreshments so your attendees feel cared for and refreshed!

Music:  Healing Tree Music by Mayrain ( Beautiful harp Celtic music!

Click here for a PDF version of these materials.

GHR 2021 Q2: Grace/Kindness

We can all use some kindness.

I can just hear someone yelling, “You can say that again!”

We can all use some kindness.

It seems that Grace in action is almost always kind. It’s that simple. And yet, that profound. I hope, as we keep moving through our Covid Friendly lives we offer kindness to strangers, friends and family.

Offering a labyrinth walk is a graceful way of offering gentle care for our friends. We provide a container for their journey, discoveries and processing without any judgment. Even walking with a friend or family member (in a Covid safe way) can provide comfort.

Global Healing Response Quarterly

2021 Theme: Grace

“Virtue and genuine graces in themselves speak what no words can utter.”-
—William Shakespeare


Focus: Kindness

Quote: “Do everything with gentleness, with kindness, with reverence. That is how Grace moves; that is how Love dances.” —Heather K. O’Hara

Picture/Symbol: A spring flower that so gracefully appears after a bleak winter


Kind hearts are the gardens,
Kind thoughts are the roots.
Kind words are the blossoms,
Kind deeds are the truth.
—19th century rhyme

(Kindness isn’t complicated)

Ideas for benefiting organization: Donate to your community in a way that is meaningful to you or your labyrinth group. Women’s shelter?  Food bank? Is there a friend that could use a homemade dinner? Perhaps just a random act of kindness every now and then?

Ideas for ambiance: I love the idea of painting stones with a simple labyrinth and gifting them to your labyrinth walkers. Sometimes a small token can mean so much when given with kindness. River rocks can be purchased at most craft supply stores. A permanent marker and then a coat of clear finish (optional) makes them shine.

Music: Amazing Grace Harp Music:

A PDF version of these materials can be found here.

2021 Inauguration Eve

“Peace on Earth lives only in the hearts of peaceful men, women and children.”
—Annie Kirkwood

January 20, 2021 is predicted to be a tense and possibly violent day in the United States. By unifying and and sending peaceful intention energy into the world we can make a difference. Click here to read more about collective energy.

Marion Patterson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and a member of the Veriditas Council, has created an online event for the eve of that day. As she says, “The 2.0 comes from the fact that at the last inauguration I collaborated with the Interreligious Council of Linn County and Unity Center to hold a labyrinth event of hopefulness to counter the impending dark that did indeed descend.  Friends sang the Peter, Paul, and Mary song “Light One Candle”, people made and walked labyrinths.

Considering our GHR theme for 2021 is Grace, our unified intention will be, “We will allow Grace to show us how to move forward.”

Register for the event:
Contact Ellen Bintz Meuch if you would like to attend Light One Candle 2.0. This event only has space for 100 participants.

Steps to create your own event:
We urge you to create your own circles of three to one hundred and three via phone or zoom. Keep it SIMPLE!

Invite: Send a virtual invitation via email or text to interested parties. (Faith community, Interreligious Councils, personal contacts, other organizations.)
Click here for a sample invitation.
Click here for an invitation template to fill in with your specific information.

Materials: In the invitation, send template links of labyrinths people can print. Choose music to play during the finger labyrinth walk portion of the gathering.
Click here for a link to a page of paper labyrinths.

Event Schedule
• Welcome your participants.
• Offer a meditation, prayer, poem for peace. (click here for ideas)
• Confirm each participant has a finger labyrinth.
• Offer instructions for the finger labyrinth walk- allowing about 12 minutes of silence.
• If on zoom, be sure participants are muted.
• Begin gentle music of your choice.
• After the meditation welcome everyone back and ask if anyone would like to share.
• After sharing, close with a prayer, meditation or poem. Share what you have learned about the power of intention energy.
• Thank everyone for participating and encourage them to hold the intentions and energy you formed.

When: Any time ahead of and the day of the Inauguration: Saturday through the entire week of January 16 through January 23, 2021 and beyond.

Why: We know the power of collective energy on January 6, 2021, we saw negative energy in action. Energy follows intention. May we intentionally send forth our positive energy for blessings and Grace to and on all.
Click here to read about the power of collective energy and intentions.