GHR 2020 Q2: Vision/Reflection

Global Healing Resource Quarterly

2020 Theme: Vision

“Feet sandaled with dreams tread paths of vision leading to wisdom’s sharp peaks.” — Aberjhani (The River of Winged Dreams)

Dear friends,

Who could have predicted what we have been facing in this quarter. Covid 19 has changed our lives and certainly given us time for reflection. I encourage you to form circles of support via the materials available here. We can change the energy of the world with intention. Using the labyrinth to create peace and circles to create healing we will make a difference. Never underestimate the power of the labyrinth and unified healing!

Quote: Your thoughts shape your vision. You see what you choose to see. —Author unkown

Picture/Symbol: The circle. Click here for materials about how to form a circle of support.

The Circle Prayer

We come together in unity to send love and light to the virus, the people affected, and their loved ones.  
We ask for understanding, acceptance, and appreciation at a global level as well as healing.
May the power created within this circle lift the spirits of those that need it and protect us and our loved ones.  
We ask for strength from our higher power and the universe for we know that we will come out of this stronger as a human race. —Jessica Conte

Ideas for benefiting organization: Organizations in your area that are serving the needs of Covid19 such as food pantries, PPE providers, family crisis centers.

Ideas for ambiance: Since these walks will probably be alone, holding a candle, photograph or the prayer above. If you are using a finger labyrinth light a candle before you start.

Music: : Prayer for Compassion by David Darling (

For a PDF version of this post click here.

For a PDF version of the prayer click here.

Corona Virus Response

Dear Friends and Facilitators,

As founder of the Global Healing Response, I have created an initiative to respond to the Corona Virus.  Many of you are wondering what we can do and I believe this is the answer. This initiative is grounded in science and Spirit, which is the foundation of all we do through the Global Healing Response.

Research on intention energy, collective consciousness and quantum physics is proving we are all connected and CAN make a difference energetically. Experiments have also found that people who send out loving energy feel more peaceful and loved. What we send out comes back to us. Since stress and anxiety have a negative effect on our immune systems, this will help you and others.

I am asking everyone to form virtual or physical circles with a specific intention that is outlined below and available here. Our circles have the potential to create impactful energetic change for you, your community and the world.

Please share this message! Let’s unite to alter the trajectory of the Corona Virus.

Peace & Healing,
Ellen Bintz Meuch
Founder, Global Healing Response

For a PDF version of the materials below click here.

Creating Virtual Circles

If your heart is beating you are contributing energy to this world. Science is proving the electromagnetic waves we each emit have an impact on the collective energy that surrounds us. And, as has been proven by the Corona virus…we are all connected.

We each make a positive or negative energetic difference in the world with our emotions, attitudes and actions. Incoherent energy is chaotic and inefficient (fear, anxiety, anger) while coherent energy is ordered and powerful (love, healing, patience). Together we can alter the momentum of the world by forming healing circles.  When we gather in circles and create collective coherent energy it has an exponential effect. An example of this is when three speakers playing the same music are pointed toward each other, the result is not 3 times the sound it is 9 times the sound.

Additionally, experiments have found that people who send out loving energy also feel more peaceful and loved. What we send out comes back to us. Since stress and anxiety have a negative effect on our immune systems, this initiative will be helpful.

As the founder of the Global Healing Response, I am challenging us to form circles of three to five people. (Feel free to choose more if that works for you.) The following suggestions are merely guidelines. The intention of coming together in circle and creating loving healing energy is the most important element of this process.

Create a Circle

· Find your circle mates
If you live with people and can have your circle in person that’s great. However, if you would like to reach out to others, distance has no effect on the ability to create coherence and energy. Virtual circles are just as powerful as “in person” circles.

· Plan your meeting times and length.
This is up to your circle. For example, do you want to meet daily for 5 minutes or semi-weekly for 30?

· Agree and understand the process, intention and commitment to the circle.

The Circle Process

· Before the circle meets, each person is responsible for centering themselves with a labyrinth, prayer, meditation or thought with whatever higher power brings them hope and love: God, Alla, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mother Earth, for example. This is a global exercise in Unity. All faiths are honored. Entering your circle in a focused and centered state will generate the best response.

· During the meeting, each person is given the chance to express their concerns, fears, joys and gratitude. The others commit to listening. The speaker can ask for what they need in the way of support. This should be a safe space where trust develops. The goal is to form a coherent bond of peace, love and hope.

· Close with a prayer, meditation, or chant intended to send love to the universe to heal the Corona virus. My friend, Jessica Conte, wrote a beautiful closing below. Feel free to use it. 

We come together in unity to send love and light to the virus, the people affected, and their loved ones.  
We ask for understanding, acceptance and appreciation at a global level as well as healing.  
May the power created within this circle lift the spirits of those that need it and protect us and our loved ones.  
We ask for strength from our higher power and the universe for we know that we will come out of this stronger as a human race.    Jessica Conte

If each of you initiates a circle, and taps someone else to start a circle, we can grow this energy quicker than the virus will spread. I know several of you are a part of many groups so please pass this along.

Let me know if you have questions or ideas. If possible, I am willing to help you create and be part of your first circle meeting.

Thank you for all you are doing to help your community and, therefore, the world.

GHR 2019 Q4: Intention/Amplify

The final quarter of 2019 brings our model together! As we have talked about, We must first calm ourselves and create coherent energy within before we can send out healing on our own or in a group. Next, when we make connections and create a circle or community we join our energy together. Then, when we come together with a unified intention, our energy is exponentially increased. An example of this in science is when three speakers are pointed toward each other. Three times the sound is not what happens—NINE times the sound is created! So, together we are MORE! And, we CAN make a difference in this hurting and confusing world.

I hope you will see the potential in this model and try it with your labyrinth in your community. I am happy to assist in any way I can be of service to you.

Peace, Ellen

Global Healing Response Quarterly

2019 Theme: Intention

Our intention creates our reality —Wayne Dyer


Focus:  Amplification


Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy. — Sai Baba

Picture/Symbol: The circle


Together We Are More
We have come together with a healing intention.
May each step of each walk amplify the energy we send into world.
May each turn fold into another’s turn sending spirals of love to the heavens.
May each pause be held by another within the space of time.
May the love we radiate ripple out to where there is a void and fill it.
As we walk together, we become more than our sum.
We have amplified our potential.
Our Healing is infinite.

Ideas for benefiting organization: When you plan your walk, you will probably have an intention that also is affiliated with an organization. Please donate to those organizations.

Ideas for ambiance: There aren’t extra items needed for a walk with an intention to heal a community, world, or emergency. But anything you find helpful could be added. The most important tool is to have the people walking look at each other, not down, to reinforce the connection of their circle and send the healing energy out into the world. It might be uncomfortable for some but it becomes very meaningful for many.

Music: Music with healing tones:

GHR 2019 Q3: Intention/Connection

In the first quarter of 2019 we paid attention and then we focused. Now, if we have done what we need for ourselves it is time to join together and make connections. If our individual energy is harmonious we will be stronger in our circles. This focus has a double meaning. We need to see that we are all connected-as science is proving. We also have to be intentional to make connections with others to support, heal and create loving spaces, Sacred spaces. We need this now more than ever.

Blessings and gratitude for all you do to make this world a better place.

Global Healing Response Quarterly

2019 Theme: Intention

Our intention creates our reality —Wayne Dyer


Focus:  Connection

Quote: The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together. —William Shakespeare

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” —Margaret Mead

Picture/Symbol: Spider web. (Photo by The Rev. Warren Lynn)


Looking into the eyes of another, may I be open to, and affirm, their true self.

As others look to me, may I have the courage to ask for what I need.

As our mutual friendship develops, may we trust, forgive and help heal each other so the energy of our circle ripples into the world.

A printable version of this prayer is available here.

Ideas for benefiting organization: Here are seven organizations that are helping immigrant families:

Ideas for ambiance: Everyone carries a stone with a word that is important to them written on it. As a person passes another, they trade stones. At the end you can process about what stones they received, what it meant to them and what they ended up with. Hopefully a feeling of connection in the circle will develop and each person will feel supported and heard.

Music: Relaxing piano music:

For a PDF version of this material click here

GHR 2018 Q1: Light/Shine Your Light

Dear facilitators and friends,

Welcome to 2018! The theme for this year is LIGHT. We will explore letting our Light shine—and the courage that takes— and we will talk about shining our Light in a dark place —and the courage that takes, too. We will also work to see the light in others and finally, Lighten Up!

I love the meditation for this quarter that suggests we think of ourselves as lighthouses and not life boats.I often wonder if the healers of this world have been over functioning. I think we have a tendency to try to do too much of the healing for others when we might need to remember each person has a journey of their own. Perhaps we can let your Light shine so others can see your love while remaining centered and solid, like the light house that withstands many a storm. I am also reminded of the saying, “You don’t need to set yourself on fire to keep others warm.” How do you plan to let your light shine? What holds you back?

I believe Marianne Williamson is right when she says, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, nor our Darkness, that most frightens us.” What is it that keeps us from allowing our Lights to be completely lit. Many of us sang a little song when we were young….”This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Hide it under a bushel, NO. I’m gonna let it shine.”

As our beacons of light, shining from our hearts, bring others to the labyrinth, we can help to illuminate this cloudy world. Thank you for all you do!

Global Healing Resource Quarterly

2018 Theme: Light

To love beauty is to see light. —Victor Hugo


Focus: Shine your Light

Quote: As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.—Marianne Williamson

Picture/symbol:   Lighthouse


“I am a lighthouse
rather than a lifeboat.
I do not rescue,
but instead help others
to find their own way to shore,
guiding them by my example.” – Modern Affirmation

Ideas for benefiting organization‎: Solar Aid (
SolarAid is an international charity that combats poverty and climate change. They provide access to solar lights in some of the most remote regions of Malawi, Uganda and Zambia. Find out more at their website.

Ideas for ambiance around the labyrinth: Candles set in sand, floating on water, set in mason jars. Perhaps each walker would like to walk with a tea light (battery operated might be safest)

Music: “Morning Light (

PDF Version of these materials can be found HERE.

To a world in such great need…..

Just when I think the world has stabilized, it seems another disaster occurs…Texas, Florida, Mexico, South Asia, Puerto Rico. These are only some of the weather related problems.

Rev. Warren Lynn has written a beautiful meditation to be used at this time during a walk. Please feel free to print the entire meditation and hand it out to fellow walkers when you open your labyrinth for Global Healing. I hope you have an opportunity to do that soon. Thank you, Warren, for your healing words

We want to help, relieve suffering, provide relief. And we search for ways to do that.

One of our tasks is to offer a place for others to find peace among the chaos. A labyrinth walk can do that, as we all know.

Peace & Healing,
Ellen Bintz Meuch

Click here for a PDF of this meditation

Meditation for mindful response
To a world in such great need

Chaos surrounds me
But chaos moves within, too

Turmoil and disaster undoes the world beyond my world
But turmoil and calamity keep knotting up my own experience

So, let me first begin, here; with me.
Within my own life, let me begin untying knots
To free myself up so I can begin to address the chaos elsewhere

One breath at a time
One step at a time
I begin with me
But not only for me
But so I can turn
And offer the world my best self
My complete self
A healing and whole self
For the sake of greater need
beyond what even I know.

And so I begin,
By just breathing

Breathing in,
I feed my spirit
Breathing out,
I cleanse my soul
Breathing in,
I receive the gift of life
Breathing out,
I relinquish distraction and suffering
Breathing in,
I accept new possibility and opportunity,
Breathing out,
I release doubt and skepticism
Breathing in,
Breathing out.
When I am ready,
When the time feels right for me,
I begin to walk
One step at a time.

One foot
Then the other
Slowly moving upon the path
Walking and breathing
Receiving what I and the world needs
Letting go that which keeps the world and I from knowing recovery and wholeness once more.
Breathing in, Breathing out
One foot, then the other.

There are great undoings around us.
Around me.
But there is me.

I am not able to do all things
But I am able to do respond to some things
Amazing things
I am full of generous potential;
Capable of lavish possibility.

And I am part of connected sacred communities
Who can act together
in ways beyond my own holy goodness
but who may need my inspiration, leadership, and example.

And so, I walk on.
One step, one breath, at a time.
One after the other
Listening for my place
in a mindful response to a world in such great need.

Until I reach the center,
Where I lay down all remaining burdens
That might keep me from attending as fully as possible
To a world in such great need.

With life now unburdened
Standing in centeredness
I open my life wide
Considering the fullness yet inside me
Exactly because I have finally emptied myself.
I am now ready to give
Ready to respond
Ready to realize my place in the reaching out
To those whose lives have been undone by greater forces.

To the human and more-than-human world standing in flood waters
I proclaim myself as a place of refuge

To those torn asunder by winds I can barely imagine
I declare my life a resource for renewal and rebuilding

To lives undone by the violence of hate and bigotry
I stand ready to enfold them with arms of loving acceptance and care

I may be only one
But I am one
And I am part of
Communities of healing wholeness

And I will not turn my back
On a divine calling
To share myself
With those who do not have such

Still, I do not forget
To breathe and walk
One breath, one step
At a time.

When I am ready
I move from the center
To head down the path
Back toward the entrance
Into the wider world

I use this time
on my way back into the world
to consider practical options.

Upon leaving the labyrinth
How will I respond?
How will I behave?
How will I act?
Where will I use my time?
Where will I share my resources?
To what organizations will I send my money?
Because I am a holy human creature
Full of exactly what is needed
for this world in such great need.

I can do this.

I will do this.

And such a response
as is given to me in this time
is a gift
whose joy can only be known fully
if I say, “yes!” and move forward in action.


Standing (and Walking) Together for Standing Rock

Dear Facilitators and labyrinth lovers,

Fellow Veriditas facilitator, Robin Dilley of Arizona, has urged us to stand together with the water protectors of Standing Rock on January 15th, 2017.This will be an important time considering the recent events.

Even though there are big victories, like the December 5th decision by President Obama to deny the last permit, forcing the Army Core of Engineers to re-route their initial plans, our President Elect has a financial stake in the pipeline moving forward. With the recent appointment of Scott Pruitt as the director of the EPA, it is more pressing now than ever before that the Standing Rock encampment and its supporters increase their visibility and message to the public.

I helped Robin put materials together to create a template similar to what we do for our quarterly resources. The PDF version of these materials can be found by clicking here. Hopefully you will want to make copies and hand them out at your walk on January 15!

If you can’t lead a group walk on the 15th, perhaps you would like to follow the ceremony Robin created for an individual ceremony.

Please let us know if you will be leading a walk so we can create a map of the labyrinths that will be involved. Let’s work to cover the globe with Ppeace on the 15th.

Thanks for all you do to create healing in the world and thank you, Robin, for uniting us in this effort!

Ellen Bintz Meuch
Creator, Global Healing Response

Standing with Standing Rock

Global Healing Response
Labyrinth Walk

January 15, 2017

Quotes: “The rivers are our brothers. They quench our thirst. They carry our canoes and feed our people. So, you must give the rivers kindness you would give any brother.” Chief Seattle’s Letter 1852.

“You visit the earth and water it, you greatly enrich it; the river of God is full of water; you provide the people with grain, and so you have prepared it.” Psalm 65:9


Grandfather Great Spirit
All over the world the faces of living ones are alike.
With tenderness, they have come up out of the ground
Look upon your children that they may face the winds
And walk the good road to the Day of Quiet.
Grandfather Great Spirit
Fill us with the Light.
Give us the strength to understand, and the eyes to see.
Teach us to walk the soft Earth as relatives to all that live.
— Sioux Prayer

 Idea for a group ceremony:

  • Welcome participants to bring drums, rattles, Native American flutes.
  • The facilitator chooses a large bowl or container for water.
  • A ladle for pouring water in individual cups.
  • Small paper cups (recycled if possible) should be available for participants.
  • Native American music or even Hallelujah can be provided in background.
  • Participant carries empty cup into the center with silent reflection on the necessity of water.
  • Fill the cup with water, with gratitude.
  • Carry out with silent reflections and prayers for the people standing their ground at standing rock.
  • Take place around outside of labyrinth.
  • Last walker takes his/her place in circle.
  • Facilitator offers a final prayer and all drink the water together in solidarity.
  • The water, container, and ladle should be blessed in some way.

Idea for an individual ceremony

  • You may want to carry your own cup of water on this walk or warm up the labyrinth prior to your walk with a blessing of water that you sprinkle around it.
  • Enter: May the Holy One of Blessings come and walk with me as I walk for those at Standing Rock.
  • Remember: Reflect on our oneness. We are all one. Remember that our bodies are at least 65% water. We all need water to survive. Our water sources are sacred and all of us are dependent on them. Let you mind flow to images of water that are important to you.
  • Release: Release the people at Standing Rock to freedom. May they be free of fear. May they be free of suffering. May their land be freely released to them and may their water flow freely for them. Release your own fear, anger, and angst over the injustices committed to others, in order that your energy is free to send peace, victory, and joy to Standing Rock.
  • Receive: At the center, receive guidance and blessings for what you need to do to continue to Stand with Standing Rock. Receive healing for those injured in the past, present and future.
  • Return: As you walk out from the center, imagine that each step you take is bringing healing to the earth, healing to the waters of the world, and healing to everyone that has been hurt and wounded in the battle at Standing Rock.

Wounded Knee Healing Hearts Event

Friends and Healers,

In the wake of the events in Paris, California, Africa, Georgia (the list can go on and on), please consider joining the Native Elders as they create a Global ceremony to end massacre, and all that massacre means, and to finally heal our hearts. The event will take place on December 29th at noon.

If you plan to host a labyrinth walk, or host any other type of healing event please register it on their site by clicking here. You can also see where events are happening all over the world. Also, please email Ellen Meuch with the details of your event.They will be posted on this site.

For more information, see below and click here.

Join the Wounded Knee Celebration by using a finger labyrinth. Make copies for those in your community who would like to participate but can’t get to a public labyrinth!! Click here for the PDF Finger Labyrinth with information and prayer on the back.

Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee
Global Healing Labyrinth Walk

Noon, December 29, 2015


For the past 25 years, Native American people have been riding, running and walking the route that Chief Bigfoot followed with his people, before they were massacred at the site of Wounded Knee in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. This year, to honor the 25th anniversary of the Chief Big Foot Band Memorial Ride and the 125th anniversary of the massacre, we inaugurate a 4 year cycle for global ceremony to end massacre and all that massacre means and to finally heal our hearts.

This December 29th at 12 noon in your local time zone please enter into prayer and sacred space with us.

Together let us honor all who have fallen not only at Wounded Knee, but all of our beloved ancestors who have fallen throughout the millennia of global conflict.  Let us create a Global Wide Ceremony together wherein we begin the sacred journey to redress and heal our multigenerational and multi-lineal wounds.


 Hand in hand, heart to heart, let us step forward together into this new millennium to engender Peace!  We envision a world in vibrant health, joyous abundance in balance with our earth with governance arising from wisdom, truth and justice, love and peace.

 Visit for more information

Register your walk at:

Join the Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee on Facebook by clicking here.

 For a PDF flier about this event click here.

One Billion Rising: Dance (and walk) on 2/14 Against Violence

The Veriditas and greater labyrinth community are THRILLED to support the work and actions of One Billion Rising, an initiative against violence against women in the world on February 14th in over 190 countries, click here to find an event near you.

As written on the 1BR website…

On V-Day’s 15th Anniversary, 14 February 2013, we are inviting ONE BILLION women and those who love them to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to this violence. ONE BILLION RISING will move the earth, activating women and men across every country. V-Day wants the world to see our collective strength, our numbers, our solidarity across borders.

Eve Ensler, the creator of the event and author of The Vagina Monologues, asked Lauren Artress if the labyrinth community might want to join the efforts of 1BR. We feel certain there is a significant place for the labyrinth community to be involved.

Last week I attended a workshop in Naperville, Illinos to learn the dance that all participants will perform. (You can learn it via the video). It was fun, meaningful and even emotional. I can’t imagine how much more intense the actual event will be. In fact, one woman said, “I don’t think I will be able to dance and just leave, I am going to be too emotional.”

I told her about the labyrinth and we both talked about how helpful it would be to “center” after this experience. If weather permits, we will walk to an outdoor labyrinth near our dancing spot (which is inside a store). I am planning on bringing some paper finger labyrinths (Fingerlabyrinth) just in case we can’t get outside.

I believe Grace Cathedral in San Francisco will host an event and the dancing will be ON the labyrinth. How wonderful is that!

Are any of you participating? Do you have plans to incorporate the labyrinth into the event? Do you have any ideas of how the labyrinth can support this event? Please share!