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GHR Has a Home!

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Welcome to the Global Healing Response.

The GHR is a simple plan using the labyrinth and the labyrinth community in a unified response to promote healing, calm and grief integration in the case of an emergency or disaster.

The GHR has been successfully implemented on several occasions: Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunami, Myanmar Earthquake and floods in China, and Haiti’s Earthquake, Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami, Hurricane Sandy and most recently, the tragedy in Newtown, CT at Sandy Hook elementary school.

Over the years, the GHR Quarterly developed as a tool for continual healing intentions. Each year a theme is chosen and each quarter has a focus for the theme. All the materials needed to conduct an intentional labyrinth walk or healing event are provided.

It is our hope that the GHR will continue to be a simple model for healing that will promote peace and provide hope throughout the world. As I always say, never underestimate the power of unified healing energy and the labyrinth.

Peace & Healing,

Ellen Bintz Meuch
Founder, Global Healing Response

GHR 2021 Q3: Grace/Service

Dear Labyrinth friends,
It’s time for us to put our graceful kindness into action. In fact, I believe that grace in action is service. With Covid restrictions lifting a bit after vaccinations, we all are getting out a bit more. An appropriate community labyrinth walk might be just what our souls need. We might need to sit and listen to each other before or after our walks. We have a lot to share.

2021 Theme: Grace

“Virtue and genuine graces in themselves speak what no words can utter.”-William Shakespeare


Focus:  Service

Quote: “If I’m not showing grace… have I forgotten the grace I have been shown?
–John McArthur

“Grace is not a little prayer you say before you eat. It is a way of life. Eph 2:8,9” ―John Paul Warren

Picture/Symbol: Lend a helping hand.


Infuse your life with action.
Don’t wait for it to happen.
Make it happen.
Make your own future.
Make your own hope.
Make your own love.
And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.
—Bradley Whitford

Ideas for benefiting organization: Volunteer! Wherever your service can be used, pitch in and help… A senior? A single mom? A food pantry? Your neighbor? Keep your eyes open for opportunities to serve with Grace.

Ideas for ambiance: Start the service at your labyrinth. Provide treats and refreshments so your attendees feel cared for and refreshed!

Music:  Healing Tree Music by Mayrain ( Beautiful harp Celtic music!

Click here for a PDF version of these materials.

World Labyrinth Day: Connections 2021 May 1st

Dear friends,

Join us! Join us! Join us! I am the chairman of World Labyrinth Day and I hope you will plan a way to be a part of the global labyrinth community on Saturday, May 1st! This year The Labyrinth Society is collaborating with Veriditas, The Legacy Labyrinth Project and the Australian Labyrinth Network to begin the connections from the center.

WLD celebrates the wonderful people who make up the labyrinth community and introduces the labyrinth to others as a tool for self, community, and global healing.
We intend to create a wave of peace around the globe.

This year we have the added benefit of conducting the first ever global humanity research experiment, The Big Connection. Please join us to further understand the power of unified intention for ourselves and the planet.

WLD in Schools will happen on Friday, April 30th as children all over the world celebrate labyrinths experientially and virtually with three finger labyrinth walks offered across the globe via Zoom.

We have lots of support, from videos to webinars, for folks who want to become involved in WLD from videos to webinars.

Visit our beautiful new website for all the details and resources:

Join us!

GHR 2021 Q2: Grace/Kindness

We can all use some kindness.

I can just hear someone yelling, “You can say that again!”

We can all use some kindness.

It seems that Grace in action is almost always kind. It’s that simple. And yet, that profound. I hope, as we keep moving through our Covid Friendly lives we offer kindness to strangers, friends and family.

Offering a labyrinth walk is a graceful way of offering gentle care for our friends. We provide a container for their journey, discoveries and processing without any judgment. Even walking with a friend or family member (in a Covid safe way) can provide comfort.

Global Healing Response Quarterly

2021 Theme: Grace

“Virtue and genuine graces in themselves speak what no words can utter.”-
—William Shakespeare


Focus: Kindness

Quote: “Do everything with gentleness, with kindness, with reverence. That is how Grace moves; that is how Love dances.” —Heather K. O’Hara

Picture/Symbol: A spring flower that so gracefully appears after a bleak winter


Kind hearts are the gardens,
Kind thoughts are the roots.
Kind words are the blossoms,
Kind deeds are the truth.
—19th century rhyme

(Kindness isn’t complicated)

Ideas for benefiting organization: Donate to your community in a way that is meaningful to you or your labyrinth group. Women’s shelter?  Food bank? Is there a friend that could use a homemade dinner? Perhaps just a random act of kindness every now and then?

Ideas for ambiance: I love the idea of painting stones with a simple labyrinth and gifting them to your labyrinth walkers. Sometimes a small token can mean so much when given with kindness. River rocks can be purchased at most craft supply stores. A permanent marker and then a coat of clear finish (optional) makes them shine.

Music: Amazing Grace Harp Music:

A PDF version of these materials can be found here.

Guest Blog: The Purposeful Action of Labyrinths

I’m so grateful for our guest blogger, Katherine Davis. Her words are soothing to our souls at this time and remind us how comforting the labyrinth is as a tool for peace, grief integration and hope. Thank you for reaching out, Katherine!

Katherine Davis, Bethlehem, PA

March 2021

In the fall of 2020, after a class in my graduate writing program introduced community archives, my mind turned to the walking trails and outdoor labyrinths I had visited through the summer months.

Following the theory that during the months of COVID-19 mandated restrictions, outdoor walking labyrinths served as a unique and safe coping tool, I mapped sites that could provide support to this idea. For this graduate course, I visited and photographed 20 outdoor labyrinths and the artifacts around them in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and created a video community archive that reflects the themes and consciousness of the year.

It makes sense that during the pandemic of COVID-19 and all that it entailed, there was a reported surge of interest in labyrinths. In July, Laura Bliss reported on an increase in enrollment for labyrinth-making workshops and training programs and a sales increase of 300% at just one hand-held labyrinth company.

During my research for the project, I landed at Global Healing Response and was not at all surprised to find this exclusive niche devoted entirely to the labyrinth as a healing tool during disasters. Scrolling through the list of past tragedies already addressed through Global Healing Response was a reminder of all our nation and world has endured even as we remained deep inside this new, enormous pandemic.

If the virus was not enough to spin the population into fear and grief, other events sealed the state of sadness, anger, and unrest in the year. Protests and activities for Black Lives Matter, demands for acknowledgement and large-scale change, and a looming contentious presidential election were vivid factors of a year that tested our nation.

All of these, joined with the personal struggles of family, health, loss, career and financial worries, formed the collective mindset of the country during this timeframe. I carried this in my thoughts as I headed out to the labyrinths. I looked for elements that connected to our shared experience and our shared desire to prevail. My experience of completing the project mirrored 2020. I was alone. It was quiet. Through visits to 20 public places, only two of these had owners who even knew I was there. I understood my invisibility.  

Although I saw few people in my travels, it was clear the labyrinths had been in use since the arrival of COVID-19. A majority of the labyrinths were well maintained rather than ignored and overgrown with grass and weeds. Flowers and plants were blooming. The hosts I didn’t meet kept these sites active, clean, and manicured during the months of 2020.

Several sites had signs and items that did not exist prior to COVID-19 such as notices about social distancing guidelines. One labyrinth I visited several years ago once held a visitors’ book and pen at a covered hutch near the entrance. In 2020, the book was gone and a container of hand sanitizer was in its place.

At several labyrinths, I photographed discarded face masks crumbled near the labyrinths or forgotten in nearby gardens. Another sign of the year was a shredded Dunkin’ Donuts napkin. Upon the national shutdown, our country learned what the word “essential” means and coffee landed in that category. I loved that I saw these signs of life, even if I couldn’t interact with the life itself.

Lawn signs for Black Lives Matter and Hate Has No Home Here were placed at the entrance of multiple properties. Messages about unity, strength, community, and healing were written on rocks, shells, or plastic lawn signs and added to the labyrinths. One site had clearly hosted an event for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October and added pumpkins painted bright pink around the path of the labyrinth.

We know labyrinth walkers share a seeking nature and a purposeful forward motion. I formed this project with the idea that labyrinths offer solace, a coping mechanism, and positive outlet during what may be one of the most difficult and defining moments of this century. What I found in addition is the reminder that labyrinths are not a timid, passive tool. Rather, labyrinths and the community of walkers continue to demonstrate purposeful action, not quiet inaction. I believe as these labyrinths were walked, they were not final steps, but more likely the first steps – launching points to return home, to work, to demonstrations, or volunteerism with renewed energy, focus, and passion.

In person, I found an intense contrast in the unplanned road of 2020 against the carefully measured and perfectly navigated path of a labyrinth. The photo archive captures the many labyrinth elements that urge us to keep walking.  Archive video is found here.

2021 Inauguration Eve

“Peace on Earth lives only in the hearts of peaceful men, women and children.”
—Annie Kirkwood

January 20, 2021 is predicted to be a tense and possibly violent day in the United States. By unifying and and sending peaceful intention energy into the world we can make a difference. Click here to read more about collective energy.

Marion Patterson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and a member of the Veriditas Council, has created an online event for the eve of that day. As she says, “The 2.0 comes from the fact that at the last inauguration I collaborated with the Interreligious Council of Linn County and Unity Center to hold a labyrinth event of hopefulness to counter the impending dark that did indeed descend.  Friends sang the Peter, Paul, and Mary song “Light One Candle”, people made and walked labyrinths.

Considering our GHR theme for 2021 is Grace, our unified intention will be, “We will allow Grace to show us how to move forward.”

Register for the event:
Contact Ellen Bintz Meuch if you would like to attend Light One Candle 2.0. This event only has space for 100 participants.

Steps to create your own event:
We urge you to create your own circles of three to one hundred and three via phone or zoom. Keep it SIMPLE!

Invite: Send a virtual invitation via email or text to interested parties. (Faith community, Interreligious Councils, personal contacts, other organizations.)
Click here for a sample invitation.
Click here for an invitation template to fill in with your specific information.

Materials: In the invitation, send template links of labyrinths people can print. Choose music to play during the finger labyrinth walk portion of the gathering.
Click here for a link to a page of paper labyrinths.

Event Schedule
• Welcome your participants.
• Offer a meditation, prayer, poem for peace. (click here for ideas)
• Confirm each participant has a finger labyrinth.
• Offer instructions for the finger labyrinth walk- allowing about 12 minutes of silence.
• If on zoom, be sure participants are muted.
• Begin gentle music of your choice.
• After the meditation welcome everyone back and ask if anyone would like to share.
• After sharing, close with a prayer, meditation or poem. Share what you have learned about the power of intention energy.
• Thank everyone for participating and encourage them to hold the intentions and energy you formed.

When: Any time ahead of and the day of the Inauguration: Saturday through the entire week of January 16 through January 23, 2021 and beyond.

Why: We know the power of collective energy on January 6, 2021, we saw negative energy in action. Energy follows intention. May we intentionally send forth our positive energy for blessings and Grace to and on all.
Click here to read about the power of collective energy and intentions.

GHR 2021 Q1: Grace/Forgiveness

Dear Labyrinth Friends,

Grace is a word I thought I understood. However, while “investigating” the tenets of Grace I realized how profound it is. Ram Dass talks about asking for it and calling it down from your Guru, Guide, Guardian Angel or Spiritual Friend. John Paul Warren says, “Grace is not a little prayer you say before you eat. It is a way of life.” Some talk about allowing ourselves to see it in others or say it is within us. I wonder if they are all correct. At least we have a lot to ponder during the year! A labyrinth walk, most likely on your own these days, could be a perfect place to consider what Grace means to you.

2021 begins with the continued frustration of Covid 19 that is born of lack of connection, touch, movement and fear. Add to that the need for unity after the US elections and new leadership.  During these winter months in the Northern hemisphere, let’s allow ourselves the space to understand a Grace that comes from within after we accept and forgive ourselves. Then, let’s look for it in others. Is there a place to show others your Grace through forgiveness? And most importantly, let’s be grateful for it- however it arrives.


Ellen Bintz Meuch
Founder, Global Healing Response

Global Healing Resource Quarterly

2021 Theme: Grace

“Virtue and genuine graces in themselves speak what no words can utter.”William Shakespeare


Focus: Forgiveness

Quote: “We judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions. We need to offer grace to all, because we all need a little grace.” -Jayce O’Neal

Picture/symbol: The olive branch to offer to others, or yourself, with grace.


To come home to yourself
May all that is unforgiven in you
Be released.

May your fears yield
Their deepest tranquilities.

May all that is unlived in you
Blossom into a future
Graced with love.
-John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us

Ideas for benefiting organization‎: Offer support to the frontline workers of Covid 19 via the hospital or other medical facility near you.

Ideas for ambiance around the labyrinth: Create a big pot filled with sand. Put candles in the sand and allow each walker to light a candle as they offer grace in the form of forgiveness to themselves and others in their lives.

Music: Experience Grace Instrumental:

Click here for a PDF version of these materials

GHR 2020 Q4: Vision/Action

Global Healing Response Quarterly

2020 Theme: Vision

“Feet sandaled with dreams tread paths of vision leading to
wisdom’s sharp peaks.”— Aberjhani (The River of Winged Dreams)


Focus:  Action

Quote: “Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference.” —Joel Barker

Picture/Symbol: A giant leap


With each step and breath, let me peacefully root myself in this world in such a way that chaos only blows through me and does not knock me off center.

Let this rooted space become a tender place to manifest visions so they may evolve into actions that transform one person or millions. I know that in the scope of eternity, every action has importance.

I might move toward my dreams with baby steps, but I will have the courage and faith to take a giant leap when needed.

I will act first with self-care,
then care for loved ones, my community and our world with the intention of creating circles of love that ripple through the universe.

Ideas for benefiting organization: Is there an organization in your community that has taken action to solve a problem? Supporting their courage and commitment might illuminate their achievements.

Ideas for ambiance: Encourage participants to walk at a different pace then they usually do— faster or slower. Tell them it’s ok to move in different ways. Spin around, hop, dance. Let them know it’s ok to shift things around and sometimes the shift helps move us forward.

Music: Zen Walking Meditation – Music for Meditation in Action:

Click here for a PDF version of this material.

GHR 2020 Q3: Vision/Dream

Global Healing Resource Quarterly

Dear labyrinth friends,

As this ever changing Covid19 pandemic ravages our world (especially the US) and racial tensions abound globally there is NO better time for our work with the labyrinth to help us see and feel how we can live in this world safely and peacefully. It’s time to dream of what can be—What we can extract from these tragedies and grow to be better. I, again, urge you to create circles of loving intention and connection to provide support for you and also to send powerful amplified energy out into the world. It WILL make a difference. Click here for materials that will help you create your own circle. Whether you are walking an outdoor labyrinth (alone or with social distancing) or using a finger labyrinth we can harness the peace and insights we feel from those activities and unite them with other’s energy. Never underestimate the power of the labyrinth and unified healing!

Peace & Healing,

Ellen Bintz Meuch

2020 Theme: Vision

“Feet sandaled with dreams tread paths of vision leading to wisdom’s sharp peaks.” — Aberjhani (The River of Winged Dreams)


Focus:  Dream

Quote: Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. Melody Beattie

Picture/Symbol: The moon. It is constantly changing but always there when we are dreaming.


The Circle Prayer
In this ever-changing world, we come together in unity to send love and light to the virus, the people affected, and their loved ones.
May our Unity grow as we learn, celebrate, and hold each world culture sacred. 
We ask for understanding, acceptance, and appreciation at a global level as well as healing.
May the power created within this circle lift the spirits of those that need it and protect us and our loved ones.
We ask for strength from our higher power and the universe for we know that we will come out of this stronger as a human race. —Jessica Conte

Ideas for benefiting organization: Here is a list of ten effective racial justice organizations:

Ideas for ambiance: As you walk a labyrinth hold something from nature—a stone, a plant, water. Connect with the healing of the earth.

Music: “Reiki Offering” by Madama and Shastro (

For a PDF version of these materials click here.

GHR 2020 Q2: Vision/Reflection

Global Healing Resource Quarterly

2020 Theme: Vision

“Feet sandaled with dreams tread paths of vision leading to wisdom’s sharp peaks.” — Aberjhani (The River of Winged Dreams)

Dear friends,

Who could have predicted what we have been facing in this quarter. Covid 19 has changed our lives and certainly given us time for reflection. I encourage you to form circles of support via the materials available here. We can change the energy of the world with intention. Using the labyrinth to create peace and circles to create healing we will make a difference. Never underestimate the power of the labyrinth and unified healing!

Quote: Your thoughts shape your vision. You see what you choose to see. —Author unkown

Picture/Symbol: The circle. Click here for materials about how to form a circle of support.

The Circle Prayer

We come together in unity to send love and light to the virus, the people affected, and their loved ones.  
We ask for understanding, acceptance, and appreciation at a global level as well as healing.
May the power created within this circle lift the spirits of those that need it and protect us and our loved ones.  
We ask for strength from our higher power and the universe for we know that we will come out of this stronger as a human race. —Jessica Conte

Ideas for benefiting organization: Organizations in your area that are serving the needs of Covid19 such as food pantries, PPE providers, family crisis centers.

Ideas for ambiance: Since these walks will probably be alone, holding a candle, photograph or the prayer above. If you are using a finger labyrinth light a candle before you start.

Music: : Prayer for Compassion by David Darling (

For a PDF version of this post click here.

For a PDF version of the prayer click here.

Corona Virus Response

Dear Friends and Facilitators,

As founder of the Global Healing Response, I have created an initiative to respond to the Corona Virus.  Many of you are wondering what we can do and I believe this is the answer. This initiative is grounded in science and Spirit, which is the foundation of all we do through the Global Healing Response.

Research on intention energy, collective consciousness and quantum physics is proving we are all connected and CAN make a difference energetically. Experiments have also found that people who send out loving energy feel more peaceful and loved. What we send out comes back to us. Since stress and anxiety have a negative effect on our immune systems, this will help you and others.

I am asking everyone to form virtual or physical circles with a specific intention that is outlined below and available here. Our circles have the potential to create impactful energetic change for you, your community and the world.

Please share this message! Let’s unite to alter the trajectory of the Corona Virus.

Peace & Healing,
Ellen Bintz Meuch
Founder, Global Healing Response

For a PDF version of the materials below click here.

Creating Virtual Circles

If your heart is beating you are contributing energy to this world. Science is proving the electromagnetic waves we each emit have an impact on the collective energy that surrounds us. And, as has been proven by the Corona virus…we are all connected.

We each make a positive or negative energetic difference in the world with our emotions, attitudes and actions. Incoherent energy is chaotic and inefficient (fear, anxiety, anger) while coherent energy is ordered and powerful (love, healing, patience). Together we can alter the momentum of the world by forming healing circles.  When we gather in circles and create collective coherent energy it has an exponential effect. An example of this is when three speakers playing the same music are pointed toward each other, the result is not 3 times the sound it is 9 times the sound.

Additionally, experiments have found that people who send out loving energy also feel more peaceful and loved. What we send out comes back to us. Since stress and anxiety have a negative effect on our immune systems, this initiative will be helpful.

As the founder of the Global Healing Response, I am challenging us to form circles of three to five people. (Feel free to choose more if that works for you.) The following suggestions are merely guidelines. The intention of coming together in circle and creating loving healing energy is the most important element of this process.

Create a Circle

· Find your circle mates
If you live with people and can have your circle in person that’s great. However, if you would like to reach out to others, distance has no effect on the ability to create coherence and energy. Virtual circles are just as powerful as “in person” circles.

· Plan your meeting times and length.
This is up to your circle. For example, do you want to meet daily for 5 minutes or semi-weekly for 30?

· Agree and understand the process, intention and commitment to the circle.

The Circle Process

· Before the circle meets, each person is responsible for centering themselves with a labyrinth, prayer, meditation or thought with whatever higher power brings them hope and love: God, Alla, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mother Earth, for example. This is a global exercise in Unity. All faiths are honored. Entering your circle in a focused and centered state will generate the best response.

· During the meeting, each person is given the chance to express their concerns, fears, joys and gratitude. The others commit to listening. The speaker can ask for what they need in the way of support. This should be a safe space where trust develops. The goal is to form a coherent bond of peace, love and hope.

· Close with a prayer, meditation, or chant intended to send love to the universe to heal the Corona virus. My friend, Jessica Conte, wrote a beautiful closing below. Feel free to use it. 

We come together in unity to send love and light to the virus, the people affected, and their loved ones.  
We ask for understanding, acceptance and appreciation at a global level as well as healing.  
May the power created within this circle lift the spirits of those that need it and protect us and our loved ones.  
We ask for strength from our higher power and the universe for we know that we will come out of this stronger as a human race.    Jessica Conte

If each of you initiates a circle, and taps someone else to start a circle, we can grow this energy quicker than the virus will spread. I know several of you are a part of many groups so please pass this along.

Let me know if you have questions or ideas. If possible, I am willing to help you create and be part of your first circle meeting.

Thank you for all you are doing to help your community and, therefore, the world.