GHR 2012 Q3: Balance/Movement

2012 Global Healing
Theme: Balance
“Balance is Beautiful.” Miyoko Ohno

Focus:   Movement

Photo by The Rev. Warren Lynn

Quote:  “Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.”  –Aldous Huxley

          “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order, and rhythm and harmony”  –Thomas Merton

Picture/symbol:  The wind and the air; it is the unseen Presence that so often sustains and empowers our living; lifting us up on new currents of possibility.

Color:  Blue, like the fifth chakra, which includes the voice

O Great-Wind of life’s challenging vortices; O Still-Small-Wind caressing our cheek with an almost unnoticed brush of intimate flirtation; blow into our living with just enough forceful grace to lift us in flight and move us toward transformative possibilities. May we glide restfully upon Your firm, steady currents. May we dance, spiraling like a raven at play, upon Your rhythmic, pulsing energy. Indeed, carry us through our labyrinthian flight so that we become ever-aware of the more-than-us Presence in which we reside and move and have our being. Even as your Spirit-Breath fills our lungs with new life, so may our expiration of used-up-air be the means to carry a new song of hope out into a world in such great need. Amen.

Ideas for benefiting organization: One inspiring organization that empowers us all to soar in new ways, moving into greater wholeness and balanced living is Veriditas. You are invited to use this quarter’s GHR walk(s) to support the Veriditas movement:  Veriditas:

Ideas for ambiance: Set up an outdoor walk in this full season of abundance and harvest. Celebrate the archetypal and metaphorical movement of warming summer winds by placing wind chimes, hanging from planter/bird feeder poles or home-made stands, placed around the outside edge of the labyrinth.

You can also place a few wind chimes at the labyrinth path turns/labyris, and in the center.
If the wind is blowing, you will be walking amidst the aural manifestation of this otherwise unseen, but felt, power.
If the wind is not blowing, or even if it is, make sure the wind chimes are close enough to the outside edge of the labyrinth, and invite walkers to gently ring the chimes as they pass with an outreached brush of their hand.

Music:  “Golden Bowls of Compassion” by Karma Moffett (This album would be a great compliment to the wind chimes.)

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