GHR 2012 Q4: Balance/Presence

2012 Global Healing Quarterly
Theme: Balance
 “Balance is Beautiful.” Miyoko Ohno

Focus:   Presence                                                      

Photo by The Rev. Warren Lynn 

Quote: “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others. —Marianne Williamson 

Picture/symbol: Water

Color:  Midnight blue, like the sixth Chakra

As a light shining in the darkness, as a mindful presence in an unaware world, allow our selves to be present and aware to what needs illuminating. In a world cluttered with vocal distractions, let us listen for the deeper wisdom and steer away from the shallower shoals of foolishness. And, in our awareness and clarity, let us also offer a light to guide others; an illumination of compassion, gentleness and all generosity of being. Indeed, may we be like a lighthouse in dark and troubled waters. Amen

Flyer: See Attached Ideas for benefiting organization: Any organization that helps liberate refugees from war, natural disasters and poverty. A couple examples include:Women’s Refugee Commission International of Compassion Ideas for ambiance:  From a party store or other vendor, purchase some blue glow-sticks. Before the walk, place a couple already lit glow-sticks in the center of the labyrinth. At the beginning of the walk, offer a glow-stick to each person walking the labyrinth. Suggest they can either light the glow stick at the beginning of the walk, or wait until they have entered the center, and invite them to leave the glow stick in the center. Watch the deep blue glow of new light accumulate in the labyrinth center as more and more walkers leave their sticks there.

Music:  “Vesica Piscis” album from Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys, “Timelessly Free” album from Danny Cudd and Markus Johansson

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GHR 2012 Q1: Balance/Center

2012 Global Healing
Theme: Balance
“Balance is Beautiful.” Miyoko Ohno 

Photo by Roger Lynn


Focus:   Center 

Quote: “A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.”Wayne Dyer

Picture/Symbol:  Fire

Color:  Yellow, like the flame and the third chakra of control and freedom and power

The first step toward balance is finding the center. Let us breathe together, as a prayer–
Breathing in, I’m fed by Spirit;  Breathing out, my Soul is cleansed.
(Repeat this prayer, while breathing, slowly, naturally, deeply, again and again,  until you feel settled and ready to move into the labyrinth.  Any time during your walk, if you feel unsettled, stop, breathe and repeat the prayer until a centering comes back to your experience.)

Ideas for benefiting organization: Various organizations that provide centering and mindfulness resources, and deep care, for the most-vulnerable in our midst. A couple of many examples:

  • Inside Passages, an organization teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction skills to VA Hospital patients suffering from PTSD <>
  • Enso House, providing physical, emotional and spiritual support when nearing the end of life <>

Ideas for ambiance around the labyrinth: Banks of candles at several stations around the outside of the labyrinth; one candle is a centering symbol of new hope coming into the world. Several candles together become a powerful light that is not easily overcome, but still quiet enough to give awareness of shadow. Perhaps a station near the entrance of the labyrinth could be a shallow decorative container filled with decorative sand, into which participants can light and place a candle of their own; a symbol of solidarity.

Music:  Selective playlist from Trio Mediaeval’s album, “Soir, dit-elle”. These selections offer a soundscape that plays well with the literal and metaphorical vision of candles flickering amidst shadows. Suggested 30 minute playlist would include the following tracks in this order:

( 5)          Leonel Power (1370-1445) – Credo – Missa “Alma Redemptoris Mater”
(13)         Leonel Power (1370-1445) – Agnus Dei – Missa “Alma Redemptoris Mater”
( 9)          Leonel Power (1370-1445) – Sanctus – Missa “Alma Redemptoris Mater”
( 4)          Gavin Bryars – Ave Regina Gloriosa -Lauda VII- (1943)
(11)         Gavin Bryars – Venite A Laudare -Lauda I- (1943)
( 3 )         Gavin Bryars – Laude Novella -Lauda II- (1943)
(14)         Alma Redemptoris Mater (Gregorian Chant)

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GHR 2012 Q2: Balance/Truth

2012 Global Healing
Theme: Balance
“Balance is Beautiful.” Miyoko Ohno

Focus: Truth


Quote:  “Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.” —Leo Tolstoy

Picture/Symbol: Daylily labyrinth; we may marvel at the beauty of a daylily blossom, but the real sustaining life is in the lily’s bulb. Brilliant blossoms and the leaves’ greening truth are only a manifestation of a healthy root system.

Color:  Green, like the fourth Chakra, the heart

Oh, Fertile Soil of our planting, let us not revel in our blossoms but rather attend to the health of our rootedness. Let what emerges from our true center come as an expression of a deeper health and wholeness, not merely a vanity of arrogance and pride. But, indeed, may that which cannot help to bloom from a healthy grounded center – do so in all truthfulness. May our flowering be of honest confidence; our beauty one of extravagant generosity; our belief based not on the glory of our single pursuit, but rather in the greater bounty and glory of the wider human garden. Amen

Ideas for benefiting organization: Any organization that helps empower the truth of ecological balance. A few examples include:

Wild Europe —
Greenpeace —
Nature Conservancy —
Sierra Club —
The Wilderness Society —
National Resources Defense Council —

Ideas for ambiance:  This is a season of new growth and floral bounty. Stage the greenery of planted palms, ficus and other indoor plants to portray the labyrinth in a garden setting. If your labyrinth walk will take advantage of the great weather of this season, outdoors, prepare the surrounding area to take full advantage of this season’s greening, perhaps staging some potted flowering plants around the labyrinth that may be permanently added later to the landscape is an idea that will work for you. Another idea is to provide a container of cut flowers in water near the labyrinth’s entrance, and invite walkers to take a flower home with them after the walk; a wet paper towel in a baggy is a good way to get a cut flower home in good shape.

Music: “On the Path” Music for Walking the Labyrinth, by David Blonski

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GHR 2012 Q3: Balance/Movement

2012 Global Healing
Theme: Balance
“Balance is Beautiful.” Miyoko Ohno

Focus:   Movement

Photo by The Rev. Warren Lynn

Quote:  “Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.”  –Aldous Huxley

          “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order, and rhythm and harmony”  –Thomas Merton

Picture/symbol:  The wind and the air; it is the unseen Presence that so often sustains and empowers our living; lifting us up on new currents of possibility.

Color:  Blue, like the fifth chakra, which includes the voice

O Great-Wind of life’s challenging vortices; O Still-Small-Wind caressing our cheek with an almost unnoticed brush of intimate flirtation; blow into our living with just enough forceful grace to lift us in flight and move us toward transformative possibilities. May we glide restfully upon Your firm, steady currents. May we dance, spiraling like a raven at play, upon Your rhythmic, pulsing energy. Indeed, carry us through our labyrinthian flight so that we become ever-aware of the more-than-us Presence in which we reside and move and have our being. Even as your Spirit-Breath fills our lungs with new life, so may our expiration of used-up-air be the means to carry a new song of hope out into a world in such great need. Amen.

Ideas for benefiting organization: One inspiring organization that empowers us all to soar in new ways, moving into greater wholeness and balanced living is Veriditas. You are invited to use this quarter’s GHR walk(s) to support the Veriditas movement:  Veriditas:

Ideas for ambiance: Set up an outdoor walk in this full season of abundance and harvest. Celebrate the archetypal and metaphorical movement of warming summer winds by placing wind chimes, hanging from planter/bird feeder poles or home-made stands, placed around the outside edge of the labyrinth.

You can also place a few wind chimes at the labyrinth path turns/labyris, and in the center.
If the wind is blowing, you will be walking amidst the aural manifestation of this otherwise unseen, but felt, power.
If the wind is not blowing, or even if it is, make sure the wind chimes are close enough to the outside edge of the labyrinth, and invite walkers to gently ring the chimes as they pass with an outreached brush of their hand.

Music:  “Golden Bowls of Compassion” by Karma Moffett (This album would be a great compliment to the wind chimes.)

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