Standing Rock Water Protectors 2016-2017

Standing Rock has been a site of protest by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe since 2014. Recently it has been in the news because of the pipeline that is proposed to travel under the Missouri river. To find out the summary of the details click here.

Check back often for updates to the labyrinth community.

March 16, 2017: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Issues New Fact Sheet in Form of Q & A with Chairman Archambault. This is a great article updated the misleading and confusing facts being portrayed about the pipeline. Click here.

March 3, 2017: Standing Rock: Here is a poem written by Dr. Elizabeth Sikora.

Standing rock
Standing tall
Standing proud
Standing strong
Water protectors

Long the time
Long the energy
Long the cold
Long the stand
Protect the waters.

Scars resurface
Scars newly formed
Scars will come yet
Standing to
Protect the waters.

Come the sheriffs …
Come ones who care
Come FBI …
Come vets to protect
Water protectors

Come the selfish ….
Come those who pray
Come the greedy…
Come wise of law
Protect protectors

Yahweh, Jesus,
Mother Mary,
Great Spirit
Bestow us please
Wiser fools
Peace not war
Healing nations
Protection for all

Standing rock
Standing tall
Standing proud
Standing strong
Water protectors

February 10, 2017: Friday’s Prayer for Standing Rock.
Standing Rock
Reflections and Prayers for the Water Protectors

It has been a long and brutal winter and you have stood proud with courage and love.
Spring is coming and your Chairman Archibald wants you safe from the floods.
Your heart is conflicted and you feel torn.
It has been a long journey one step at a time, one fight at a time.
You have been wounded and have stood proud.
You have been tired and kept going.
Your ancestors watch carefully over you.
Mother Earth holds you in her bosom.
The media has been unfair and you took to social media.
We heard you and we responded.
Both Whites and Tribes from many nations came.
Finances came out of the sky and resources from afar.
Deep within your hearts you have an imprint from long ago,
Courage rises from your depth and the call has not been ignored.
Water protectors, may you have wisdom, protection, and peace as you
Search for clarity and courage from within.
Prayers for you, your safety, your water are being offered consistently and often. You are not far from our thoughts and minds. We watch daily the updates and hear your anguish.
May the wind carry our prayers and may your spirit experience them within.
Water protectors, one and many…May the prayers of the people support you as your journey continues.



January 15, 2017: GHR Labyrinth Walk
Standing (and Walking) Together for Standing Rock
Labyrinth facilitators all over the world walked together in support of the Sioux Water Protectors. Click here for the materials we used.