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Welcome to the Global Healing Response.

The GHR is a simple plan using the labyrinth and the labyrinth community in a unified response to promote healing, calm and grief integration in the case of an emergency or disaster.

The GHR has been successfully implemented on several occasions: Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunami, Myanmar Earthquake and floods in China, and Haiti’s Earthquake, Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami, Hurricane Sandy and most recently, the tragedy in Newtown, CT at Sandy Hook elementary school.

Over the years, the GHR Quarterly developed as a tool for continual healing intentions. Each year a theme is chosen and each quarter has a focus for the theme. All the materials needed to conduct an intentional labyrinth walk or healing event are provided.

It is our hope that the GHR will continue to be a simple model for healing that will promote peace and provide hope throughout the world. As I always say, never underestimate the power of unified healing energy and the labyrinth.

Peace & Healing,

Ellen Bintz Meuch
Founder, Global Healing Response

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  1. I have cleaned up and sanded 20 wooden finger labyrinth seconds . I will be using them in the Santa Rosa area at evacuation centers for finger labyrinth meditation walks when any fires come up. My hope is to bring calmness with music , a story, poem, and a meditation. I have received the ok from Supervisor Chris Coursey! They also want me at “The Personal Care Center” where evacuees go for extra personal care. I am thrilled to be able to do something!

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