GHR 2012 Q2: Balance/Truth

2012 Global Healing
Theme: Balance
“Balance is Beautiful.” Miyoko Ohno

Focus: Truth


Quote:  “Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.” —Leo Tolstoy

Picture/Symbol: Daylily labyrinth; we may marvel at the beauty of a daylily blossom, but the real sustaining life is in the lily’s bulb. Brilliant blossoms and the leaves’ greening truth are only a manifestation of a healthy root system.

Color:  Green, like the fourth Chakra, the heart

Oh, Fertile Soil of our planting, let us not revel in our blossoms but rather attend to the health of our rootedness. Let what emerges from our true center come as an expression of a deeper health and wholeness, not merely a vanity of arrogance and pride. But, indeed, may that which cannot help to bloom from a healthy grounded center – do so in all truthfulness. May our flowering be of honest confidence; our beauty one of extravagant generosity; our belief based not on the glory of our single pursuit, but rather in the greater bounty and glory of the wider human garden. Amen

Ideas for benefiting organization: Any organization that helps empower the truth of ecological balance. A few examples include:

Wild Europe —
Greenpeace —
Nature Conservancy —
Sierra Club —
The Wilderness Society —
National Resources Defense Council —

Ideas for ambiance:  This is a season of new growth and floral bounty. Stage the greenery of planted palms, ficus and other indoor plants to portray the labyrinth in a garden setting. If your labyrinth walk will take advantage of the great weather of this season, outdoors, prepare the surrounding area to take full advantage of this season’s greening, perhaps staging some potted flowering plants around the labyrinth that may be permanently added later to the landscape is an idea that will work for you. Another idea is to provide a container of cut flowers in water near the labyrinth’s entrance, and invite walkers to take a flower home with them after the walk; a wet paper towel in a baggy is a good way to get a cut flower home in good shape.

Music: “On the Path” Music for Walking the Labyrinth, by David Blonski

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