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  1. Ellen I see you are a TLS member too. Would you consider doing your GH presentation to our Reg Reps on a GTM ( Go To Meeting, like Zoom)? I am the Reg Rep Chairperson and would like to invite you to spread this word. Many TLS members are also trained by Veriditas, such as myself as you know, and practice energy work/healing work.
    Let me know what your calendar looks like perhaps we can schedule something.
    Fervor and joy in all you do,
    Carmel Stabley

    1. Carmel, I’m so sorry I just saw your note. I would love to do a presentation for TLS. Let’s talk

  2. You mentioned doing work and getting connected to Chicago in your Zoom on 1/27. Ellen connections in Chicago: both TLS members like you and I know one is Veriditas trained Janice Lewis and Neal Harris. I can connect you as desired but you can get their contact info on TLS membership login if you do not already know them both .

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