Response 2020: Corona Virus Pandemic

Dear Friends and Facilitators,

As founder of the Global Healing Response, I have created an initiative to respond to the Corona Virus.  Many of you are wondering what we can do and I believe this is the answer. This initiative is grounded in science and Spirit, which is the foundation of all we do through the Global Healing Response.

Research on intention energy, collective consciousness and quantum physics is proving we are all connected and CAN make a difference energetically. Experiments have also found that people who send out loving energy feel more peaceful and loved. What we send out comes back to us. Since stress and anxiety have a negative effect on our immune systems, this will help you and others.

I am asking everyone to form virtual or physical circles with a specific intention that is outlined below and available here. Our circles have the potential to create impactful energetic change for you, your community and the world.

Please share this message! Let’s unite to alter the trajectory of the Corona Virus.

Peace & Healing,
Ellen Bintz Meuch
Founder, Global Healing Response

For a PDF version of the materials below click here.

Creating Virtual Circles

If your heart is beating you are contributing energy to this world. Science is proving the electromagnetic waves we each emit have an impact on the collective energy that surrounds us. And, as has been proven by the Corona virus…we are all connected.

We each make a positive or negative energetic difference in the world with our emotions, attitudes and actions. Incoherent energy is chaotic and inefficient (fear, anxiety, anger) while coherent energy is ordered and powerful (love, healing, patience). Together we can alter the momentum of the world by forming healing circles.  When we gather in circles and create collective coherent energy it has an exponential effect. An example of this is when three speakers playing the same music are pointed toward each other, the result is not 3 times the sound it is 9 times the sound.

Additionally, experiments have found that people who send out loving energy also feel more peaceful and loved. What we send out comes back to us. Since stress and anxiety have a negative effect on our immune systems, this initiative will be helpful.

As the founder of the Global Healing Response, I am challenging us to form circles of three to five people. (Feel free to choose more if that works for you.) The following suggestions are merely guidelines. The intention of coming together in circle and creating loving healing energy is the most important element of this process.

Create a Circle

· Find your circle mates
If you live with people and can have your circle in person that’s great. However, if you would like to reach out to others, distance has no effect on the ability to create coherence and energy. Virtual circles are just as powerful as “in person” circles.

· Plan your meeting times and length.
This is up to your circle. For example, do you want to meet daily for 5 minutes or semi-weekly for 30?

· Agree and understand the process, intention and commitment to the circle.

The Circle Process

· Before the circle meets, each person is responsible for centering themselves with a labyrinth, prayer, meditation or thought with whatever higher power brings them hope and love: God, Alla, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mother Earth, for example. This is a global exercise in Unity. All faiths are honored. Entering your circle in a focused and centered state will generate the best response.

· During the meeting, each person is given the chance to express their concerns, fears, joys and gratitude. The others commit to listening. The speaker can ask for what they need in the way of support. This should be a safe space where trust develops. The goal is to form a coherent bond of peace, love and hope.

· Close with a prayer, meditation, or chant intended to send love to the universe to heal the Corona virus. My friend, Jessica Conte, wrote a beautiful closing below. Feel free to use it. 

We come together in unity to send love and light to the virus, the people affected, and their loved ones.  
We ask for understanding, acceptance and appreciation at a global level as well as healing.  
May the power created within this circle lift the spirits of those that need it and protect us and our loved ones.  
We ask for strength from our higher power and the universe for we know that we will come out of this stronger as a human race.    Jessica Conte

If each of you initiates a circle, and taps someone else to start a circle, we can grow this energy quicker than the virus will spread. I know several of you are a part of many groups so please pass this along.

Let me know if you have questions or ideas. If possible, I am willing to help you create and be part of your first circle meeting.

Thank you for all you are doing to help your community and, therefore, the world.

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