To a world in such great need…..

Just when I think the world has stabilized, it seems another disaster occurs…Texas, Florida, Mexico, South Asia, Puerto Rico. These are only some of the weather related problems.

Rev. Warren Lynn has written a beautiful meditation to be used at this time during a walk. Please feel free to print the entire meditation and hand it out to fellow walkers when you open your labyrinth for Global Healing. I hope you have an opportunity to do that soon. Thank you, Warren, for your healing words

We want to help, relieve suffering, provide relief. And we search for ways to do that.

One of our tasks is to offer a place for others to find peace among the chaos. A labyrinth walk can do that, as we all know.

Peace & Healing,
Ellen Bintz Meuch

Click here for a PDF of this meditation

Meditation for mindful response
To a world in such great need

Chaos surrounds me
But chaos moves within, too

Turmoil and disaster undoes the world beyond my world
But turmoil and calamity keep knotting up my own experience

So, let me first begin, here; with me.
Within my own life, let me begin untying knots
To free myself up so I can begin to address the chaos elsewhere

One breath at a time
One step at a time
I begin with me
But not only for me
But so I can turn
And offer the world my best self
My complete self
A healing and whole self
For the sake of greater need
beyond what even I know.

And so I begin,
By just breathing

Breathing in,
I feed my spirit
Breathing out,
I cleanse my soul
Breathing in,
I receive the gift of life
Breathing out,
I relinquish distraction and suffering
Breathing in,
I accept new possibility and opportunity,
Breathing out,
I release doubt and skepticism
Breathing in,
Breathing out.
When I am ready,
When the time feels right for me,
I begin to walk
One step at a time.

One foot
Then the other
Slowly moving upon the path
Walking and breathing
Receiving what I and the world needs
Letting go that which keeps the world and I from knowing recovery and wholeness once more.
Breathing in, Breathing out
One foot, then the other.

There are great undoings around us.
Around me.
But there is me.

I am not able to do all things
But I am able to do respond to some things
Amazing things
I am full of generous potential;
Capable of lavish possibility.

And I am part of connected sacred communities
Who can act together
in ways beyond my own holy goodness
but who may need my inspiration, leadership, and example.

And so, I walk on.
One step, one breath, at a time.
One after the other
Listening for my place
in a mindful response to a world in such great need.

Until I reach the center,
Where I lay down all remaining burdens
That might keep me from attending as fully as possible
To a world in such great need.

With life now unburdened
Standing in centeredness
I open my life wide
Considering the fullness yet inside me
Exactly because I have finally emptied myself.
I am now ready to give
Ready to respond
Ready to realize my place in the reaching out
To those whose lives have been undone by greater forces.

To the human and more-than-human world standing in flood waters
I proclaim myself as a place of refuge

To those torn asunder by winds I can barely imagine
I declare my life a resource for renewal and rebuilding

To lives undone by the violence of hate and bigotry
I stand ready to enfold them with arms of loving acceptance and care

I may be only one
But I am one
And I am part of
Communities of healing wholeness

And I will not turn my back
On a divine calling
To share myself
With those who do not have such

Still, I do not forget
To breathe and walk
One breath, one step
At a time.

When I am ready
I move from the center
To head down the path
Back toward the entrance
Into the wider world

I use this time
on my way back into the world
to consider practical options.

Upon leaving the labyrinth
How will I respond?
How will I behave?
How will I act?
Where will I use my time?
Where will I share my resources?
To what organizations will I send my money?
Because I am a holy human creature
Full of exactly what is needed
for this world in such great need.

I can do this.

I will do this.

And such a response
as is given to me in this time
is a gift
whose joy can only be known fully
if I say, “yes!” and move forward in action.


GHR 2011 January: Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

japanearthquake2011In response to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011.
For more information about the disaster
 click here.  

We would like to implement the Global Healing Response in reaction to the horrible earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. 

 As you might remember from previous Global Healing Responses (Katrina, Myanmar, Haiti), the GHR is an international effort through which countless labyrinths will be made available worldwide for people to walk, as they pray and discern how they might contribute to the emerging recovery solution for Japan and the Japanese people.  

We have chosen Sunday, March 20, 2011 for us to do our walks.  I think many of us already have walks planned for the Spring Equinox and it might not be too difficult to add the intention of healing to the day. Also, the first day of Spring feels like the right energy for our intentions. I hope you feel the same way. 

Remember, never underestimate the power of the labyrinth AND unified healing energy!


2011 Global Healing Response
Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

March 20, 2011

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also
a matter of opportunity.


See Below and attached file (GHRJapanPrayer)

Ideas for benefiting organization:  Red Cross
Per the Red Cross website:Those who want to help can go to and donate to Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami. People can also text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific.

Ideas for ambiance: Clean water in mason jars, green plants symbolizing regrowth.

Music: Master Teacher, Kay Mutert, suggested this lovely song….

Eliza Gilkyson, Requiem Mother Mary.
There are several versions on utube. But the best is when she and her daughter sing. It is a story of her desire to respond to the first disaster in the language of her own faith, thus Mother Mary. Powerful and beautiful words, simple melody. Utube has several video versions. Here is the one she sings on with her daughter, her idea is the daughter offers hope for the future.

Judith Tripp, fellow council member and Dreamquest founder sent me this meditation…
his is a beautiful 5 minute video created by Gaiafield Wisdom Council members Bonnie Bell and David Todd: It is a simple guided meditation, composed of healing images and words with music, intended to direct our blessings to the people, animals, and land of Japan.


Labyrinth Prayer for Global Relief
to Earthquake Victims in Japan

By Kay Muturt
March,  2011

For our sisters and brothers of Japan
In the midst of devastation,
turmoil and loss
A land torn apart, broken by the earth,
swept by the speeding waves

 When words fail,
When loss is beyond comprehension

 May we walk…
May we walk in silence

In love
In humble care
That hope be born
Healing begin
Heart be shared

 In days of fear and uncertainty
Disaster lingering and haunting
As the clouds of turmoil hover near,

 May this world respond,
May no step be not taken
No grief be unknown

 May we walk
that this broken world be
encircled in care

May our hearts not forget
our sisters and brothers of the earth
May we be one.


The GHR hosted walks in over 35 locations in the U.S., Canada, Bahamas, Virgin Islands and South Africa.

A facilitator from Japan kept us updated with the progress there and wrote…

Dear Facilitators,

It has already more than 10 days past since the earth quake occurred. We still
don’t know how many people died (more than 21,000?) More than 230,000 peopl
e evacuated from the area.

Many people trying to support the earthquake and tsunami attacked area. Food,
water, medicine, clothes are being sent to Tohoku. People in less damaged are
as in Tohoku are sending clothes to higher damaged area. 

In other prefectures, many groups of Tohoku people, high school and university
students, Buddhist monks, etc., are standing on the street to collect donatio
ns. Many people go to medical centers to give their blood for surgery in Tohok
u. I donate to a food bank. 

Survivor’s needs are different depending on the nature of their problems. Peo
ple are trying to respond to their various needs. 
In Tokyo, rice, gasoline, and toilet paper disappeared from shops. We have pl
anned black outs in some areas in and near Tokyo. 

In Tokyo, for many people, radiation is the biggest worry. The electric compa
ny, Self Defense Forces, and fire fighters from Tokyo and Osaka are trying to 
make the situation better. It seems they are making progress and the situation
shouldn’t worsen.
However, we cannot clearly know when will we feel we are completely safe. 

We feel thankful to the rescue teams and the support from many countries.
Thank you, Facilitators, again for planning the labyrinth walk and sending mai
l to me!

I heard about Lybia, too.
I pray for peace. 

Mitsuyo Takeda