Celebration of Labyrinths in Higher Education 2022

April 1, 2022

Frank Faine is passionate about bringing the labyrinth to the college population. He feels it is the future of the labyrinth community. It seems these students are eager to learn peaceful ways to make a difference in their world, within and without.

Frank has created a day dedicated to bringing the labyrinth to those involved in higher education. The materials below will be used on April 1, 2022 for all the students and faculty involved. I hope you will consider joining Frank and everyone involved in the day.

Focus: Peace

Quote: “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves” —The Dalai Lama


An Invitation to Discover Peace Within to Walk for Peace Without

(a brief meditation to use for a labyrinth walk)

Pause a moment as you stand at the entrance to the labyrinth.

Close your eyes, inhaling deeply to allow your breath to travel all the way down to your heart center and back up, and out in a gentle exhale.

Inhale deeply again letting the breath travel again to your heart center, sending its flow throughout the whole of your body, mind, and spirit.

Visualize this breath as a bubbling stream of peace, loosening any rocks, branches, leaves, or other debris inside you that might impede the flow of this stream in you now.

Watch what may be carried downstream on this current of your breath.

Say a prayer of thanks for this current of peace as it begins to carry you downstream too.

Opening your eyes, let this current of peace begin to guide your steps. Where might it want to take you? What wisdom does it invite you to receive today?

Returning to the entrance, pause again. Take a moment to recall the journey you have just taken on this current of peace.

Offer a gesture or prayer of gratitude for this journey.

You may also want to journal this experience or share it with a trusted friend after your walk.

For a PDF version of this meditation click here.

Ideas for ambiance around the labyrinth: Bowls of water and river rocks. Perhaps offer a rock to each participant and allow them to write a word they would like to focus on.

Music:  “Sanctuary”, R. Carlos Nakai -(selected tracks) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXoRzcC9FoU

“Earth Spirit”, Carlos Nakai: https://youtu.be/_FmVR5Ga0Q4

For a PDF version of these materials click here.

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