GHR 2010 Q1: A Call for Courage/Fortitude

2010 Global Healing
Theme: A Call for Courage
“Courage is a kind of salvation.”  ~Plato

Focus:   Fortitude

Picture by The Rev. Warren Lynn

Quote: “Where true fortitude dwells, loyalty, bounty, friendship and fidelity may be found.”  —John Gay

Picture/symbol:  Mountain

Color:  Green


We call upon the Gentle creator of the earth, our planet home with its powerful depths, and abundance of life – teach us, show us the faithfulness of the mountains.

Mountains that are looked at have a particular grace, some rounded and steadfast, others a wildness of spirit, still others the sharp face of fortitude.
A few beckon with deceptive calm, luring the unwary with their raw beauty, heads buried in clouds.
Mountains that are looked at grow in strength and magnificence. Mountains that are looked at look back with authority and the promise of tomorrow.

We invite all who have lived on this earth, our ancestors and our friends, who dreamed the best for future generations upon whose lives our lives are built on. We are filled with gratitudeto them for the preservation and gifts of the mountains.  —Jo Ann Mast

Ideas for benefiting organization: Organizations that benefit Haiti

Ideas for ambiance: Bowls of sand, dirt, rocks and water

Music: “el-Hadra the Mystik Dance” by Klaus Wiese, Ted de Jong and Mathias Grassow (A rhythmic trance style Sufi dance recording. The rhythm corresponds with the breath and heartbeat).  To hear go to:

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