GHR 2022 Q3: Heart/Connect

Dear Labyrinth Friends,

This quarter of 2022 we move from opening our hearts to connecting our hearts with others. As I researched this focus I found so much information about connecting our hearts with our bodies. To be honest, as I planned for this year, that concept didn’t enter my mind when I visualized the steps. But, it sure is a great idea!

To learn more about connecting your heart to your body you might like to watch the video I created through the Legacy Labyrinth Project about Heart/Brain Coherence. Click here to watch.

But, as I mentioned, my intention for this quarter is for us to connect our hearts to others. We worked on opening them last quarter and perhaps you experienced connection already when you did that. It seems there are so many people who feel alone in the world. I’m sure you sense that, too. And as science is proving the opposite of that should be true because we are all truly connected.

The labyrinth is the perfect place to gather community to purposefully connect our hearts. There is powerful energy in the entrainment (group coherence) of the electromagnetic fields of our beating hearts!

Blessings as you connect to those near and far. I send my open heart energy out to you in gratitude for all you do in the labyrinth community to make this world a better place.


Ellen Bintz Meuch
Founder, Global Healing Response

2022 Theme: Heart

“I looked in temples, churches, and mosques.
 But I found the Divine within my heart.” ― Rumi


Focus: Connect

Quote: “They say there is a doorway from heart to heart, but what is the use of a door when there are no walls?” ― Rumi

Picture/Symbol: The thread of connection


A Tonglen Meditation
Much like all other forms of Buddhist meditation, practicing this art form is rather simple.

  • Sit or lie quietly. Get comfortable. Take in several deep breaths until you find yourself in a centered, and relaxed place.
  • Close your eyes. Imagine someone that you want to help. Perhaps it is a friend or a loved one. Focus intently on this person and on their struggle.
  • Breathe in. As you do focus on the heaviness of their negative energy and of the things that ail them. Imagine yourself breathing in their condition or suffering. As you do this picture that you are breathing in their pain, so you remove it from their bodies, giving them room for comfort, healing, and positivity.
  • Breathe out. As you breathe out, breathe happiness and peace out into the world. Think about what you think would bring them comfort or joy. Focus on that and breathe it out into the world. Imagine that breath traveling to those you want to help and having it fill that empty space with what they need.
  • Repeat. Continue this practice of breathing in pain and breathing out peace repeatedly until your session is over. Remember, this doesn’t just apply to others either. If you are in pain, you can breathe in and out your own suffering.

Adapted from this website:

Ideas for benefiting organization: Legacy Labyrinth Project,

LLP is connecting labyrinths all around the world. Full disclosure: I am a board member because I believe in the work they are doing.

Ideas for ambiance: Scarves tied together around the labyrinth. Teach your participants how to practice Tonglen.Music:  Healing Music for the Heart (

A PDF version of these materials can be found by clicking here.

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