GHR 2024 Q3: Our Planet/ Fire

As we enter this quarter of the Global Healing Response we move from Earth to Fire. At the time of this writing, the US is fighting 50 wildfires. Greece, Africa and South Korea are among other fires in the news. All reports tell us the increase in temperatures is a component.

Fire has such duality, not unlike water. It can be life saving when we are needing warmth but it can also destroy us when it is out of control. As our quote this month says, “A small match lights a big fire.” While that can suggest that one person can make great change I also see it as “Watch out!”

We choose “fire” words to describe passion—whether it is a romantic or life calling variety. I love the imagery of having a “fire in the belly” or the images of hearts with flames extending from them. And, let’s also remember that fire does not only provide heat but also light (if the smoke does not get in your eyes.)

So, I suggest we honor and feed the fire in our bellies and also respect the power that fire holds outside our bodies. I would love to hear the metaphors and thoughts you feel as we hold our intentions on fire.

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2024 Theme: Our Planet

“The earth is what we all have in common.” -Wendell Berry


Focus: Fire

Quote: “A small match lights a big fire.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

Picture/Symbol: Creative, red


40,000 Year-old Australian Aboriginal Prayer
January 13, 2011

May the fire be in our thoughts
making them true, good and just,
may it protect us from the evil one.

May the fire be in our eyes;
may it open our eyes to share what is good in life.
We ask that the fire may protect us from what
is not rightfully ours.

May the fire be on our lips, so that we may
speak the truth in kindness; that we may serve
and encourage others.
May it protect us from speaking evil.

May the fire be in our ears.
We pray that we may hear with a deep, deep listening
so that we may hear the flow of water, and of all creation.
And the dreaming.

May we be protected from gossip and from things
that harm and break down our family.

May the fire be in our arms and hands
so that we may be of service and build up love.
May the fire protect us from all violence.

May the fire be in our whole being –
in our legs and in our feet,
enable us to walk the earth
with reverence and care;
So that we may walk in the ways of goodness and truth
and be protected from walking away from what is truth.

– credited to Burnum Burnum, Australian Aboriginal elder

Ideas for benefiting organization: Here is a list of 8 organizations for wildfire relief:

Ideas for ambiance: Candles, of course. Perhaps stick candles in a bucket of sand that each walker can light and place in the sand.
Music: Relaxing music and campfire:

World Peace Day is September 21, 2024

For a PDF version of these materials click here.

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