GHR 2008 May: Myanmar Cyclone Nargis

myanmarpicIn response to the Cyclone in Myanmar on May 2, 2008 the GHR was implemented. To learn more about this disaster click here.

We would like to implement the Global Healing Response in reaction to the horrible disasters in China and Myanmar.  As you might remember from the Katrina response, The GHR is a simple plan using the labyrinth in a unified response to promote stress management, grief integration and healing in case of an emergency or disaster from any force.

We have chosen the dates June 9 through June 29th for us to do our walks.  Feel free to choose a time anywhere between those dates to do your walk.  Because the disasters, pain and struggles continue in China and Myanmar, we thought it might be appropriate to allow more time than just one day for the walks.  

I have attached some documents that Rev. Warren Lynn has very kindly created for us: naturaldisaster

If you collect money during your walks for the disasters and you don’t know where to send it, Warren suggested the organization One Great Hour of Sharing.

Remember, never underestimate the power of the labyrinth AND healing energy!


Labyrinth Prayer for Global Relief

to Storm and Earthquake Victims

May 20, 2008

by Warren Lynn

Amidst pain and suffering and loss and injustice beyond our words and feelings,

we bring ourselves into the intimate presence of holiness —

to ask and argue and doubt and cry.

And when all is said, and all is thought,

and exhaustion replaces the raw energy of our grief…

…finally we let our quiet breathing replace what keeps us from letting Shalom, Salaam, Peace have its way with us.

Indeed, now, breathing in Spirit feeds our spirit;

breathing out Spirit cleanses our souls.

Breathing in feeds — breathing out cleanses.

Breathing in — breathing out.

True inspiration!

Today, we find strength in our breathing to abide in each new step;

one after the other.

Today, in our breathing and our walking,

we experience the intimate presence of holy sustenance along the way

toward a more-focused compassion.

Slowly, we begin to seek less after answers about why this has happened.

More and more, we begin to ask, “how can we help?”

“What creative solution can come from our gifts?”

“Who are we, who am I, to be used for healing,

reconciliation, new wholeness, generous comfort…

…for those in places like Myanmar and China wherein lives have been

undone by the mysteries of cr

eation’s ways.

So, let us listen for Spirit in the deepest places of our living.

Let us acquaint ourselves with holy possibilities within our own lives.

Let us affirm and confirm our ability to bring a new light of relief and recovery

into the presently darkened holes of grief and pain across our world,

and even next door;

…into the life of each of our neighbors, even those continents away.





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