GHR 2010 Q4: A Call for Courage/Heart

2010 Global Healing
Theme: A Call for Courage
“Courage is a kind of salvation.”  ~Plato

Focus:   Heart

Photo by The Rev. Warren Lynn                                                          

Quote: “Sometimes the biggest act of courage is a small one.”  —Lauren Raffo

Picture/symbol:  Red Rose

Color:  Red

Blessed are You, Oh Harvest of my Heart, never let me lose sight of the importance of a beautiful sunrise; or watching my children or grandchildren sleep or smell the rain. It is often the little things that really matter in life.

Open my heart and mind to the small steps and little victories along my path for these have the greater meaning in life.

I give thanks to you, Divine One who are so Light-Hearted, make my heart like yours. May I be a light this day for those who are in darkness and give warmth and light to all.

Amen —Jo Ann Mast

Ideas for benefiting organization: UNICEF

Ideas for ambiance: Enhance your labyrinth with small rocks, glass stones or beads and tea lights (candles or battery operated)

Music: “Beauty All Around: All is Forgiven” by Ashana; (Songs for voice and crystal singing bowls; “Portal” by Christine Tulis (award winning harpist & composer)

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