GHR 2011 Q1: Coming Together/Connection

2011 Global Healing
Theme: Coming Together
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”—Henry Ford

Focus:   Connection

Photo by The Rev. Warren Lynn

Quote: “When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities.”  —Deepak Chopra

Picture/symbol:  Two deer seeing eye to eye.

Color:  Yellow, like the spark between two fingers about to touch

Turning to one another is as simple as a heart-felt conversation to restore hope.  It is not our differences that divide us. It is our judgment about each other. Connecting through conversation is the natural way we as humans think together. Conversation takes time. We need time to sit together, to listen, to worry and to dream together.

As this age of turmoil tears us apart, we need to reclaim time to be together. When we begin listening to each other, and when we talk about things that matter to us, the world begins to change.
Reality doesn’t change itself. We need to act.  —Jo Ann Mast

Ideas for benefiting organization:  The Center for Nonviolent Communication (

Ideas for ambiance around the labyrinth: Candles, pillows in groups, snacks and goodies, coffee to promote lingering and sharing

Music:  “All is Forgiven,” Ashana (

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