GHR 2011 Q4: Coming Together/Community

2011 Global Healing
Theme: Coming Together
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”—Henry Ford

Focus:   Community

Photo by The Rev. Warren Lynn                                               

Quote: “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” Margaret J. Wheatley

Picture/symbol: The Starfish

Color:  A Rainbow, suggesting that each color has its place, but only as they come together to form one vision of unifying hope.

May we be like the morning forest, upon which the quenching dew feeds all together, and no one creature or plant goes wanting.May we be like the noon day forest, upon which the sun filters in enough light for all in their own place; where maternal old growth trees stand amidst the intimate embrace of ferns and dogwoods, brambles and vine, redbuds, mushrooms, lichen and moss.May we be like the afternoon forest, against which the gale of thunder storms seek our undoing; knowing that our ability to withstand the force against us is utterly dependant upon the way we find rootedness together.
In community we hold fast; alone we are quickly pulled up and cast aside to our doom.
May we be like the evening forest, creating space in which other creatures find sanctuary. Our shadows move like blankets of safety over other resting inhabitants. Stillness and quiet are our hallmarks. Only together are we known and yet still enveloped in mystery. Only together can our community be called a forest. Only together do we provide a place for each. Only together do we create a home in which each, and all, can thrive.
Only together. Only together. Only together.  May it be so. Amen.  —Rev. Warren Lynn 

Ideas for benefiting organization: Habitat for Humanity, National Resources Defense Council

Ideas for ambiance:  Let the seasonal changes determine the setting for your labyrinth walk. Branches of autumn leaves as we let go into winter. Gather food, clothes, shoes and gifts for those in your communities who are in need. Decorate with small colorful jewels sprinkled on sheer white cloth. The season calls for candles small battery candles are safe and create a quiet ambiance.

Music: “Music to Walk the Labyrinth” a synthesizer music for the Inner Journey. By Richard Shulman,

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