GHR 2011 Q3: Coming Together/Civility

2011 Global Healing
Theme: Coming Together
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”—Henry Ford

Focus:   Civility

Photo by The Rev. Warren Lynn

Quote: “Be civil to all, sociable to many, familiar with few, friend to one, enemy to none.” —Benjamin Franklin

Picture/symbol:  An Eagle, reminding us of strength and courage

Color:  Orange, like the color of the sun that sheds brilliant light upon our shadowy ways

On this day of brilliant possibility we invoke a wisdom that is simple enough for children and yet challenging for the wisest adult: be nice.
So let the grace that creation offers wash over my neighbors. Let my actions make way for the differences of those around me. May my way of being be a confession of what can be, but not a weapon to deny the hope of others. In this space, in this time may actions of holy civility be the path upon which we dance.
Share a breath with an other. Affirm someone else’s right to not agree with you. Choose to be kind. Offer embrace to a stranger. Hold the door open as someone else passes by. Step aside so that the other may also use the path of your going for different purpose. Honor the space that is big enough for all of us, and too small for only one of us. Celebrate the opportunity to disagree and still be friends, sisters, brothers, lovers. Rest in the wisdom that what you don’t agree with may have something important to teach you. Play fair. Amen.   —Rev. Warren Lynn

Ideas for benefiting organization: National Civility Center <>, local and/or national conflict resolution education programs; an example might be the Navajo Peacemaking Project <>

Ideas for ambiance: Beautiful flowers of fall colors (could use the small planted flowers and replant them for next year). Incorporate small group dancing with scarves. Use small bells or chimes when walking and share them with other walkers thus creating community.

Music: “Songs of the Earth and Sky” by Bill Douglas featuring the Ars Nova Singers. A combination of upbeat and light music.

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